Cookie policy

Usage of cookies
We use cookies solely if they provide your visit of our website with a added value and cannot be gained by other technical measures. This does not include collecting your personal data. The concrete application areas are:
1. Remembering your language selection.
2. Remembering your last opened subarea in the "Company" page. Used to restore it on returning to the page.
3. Storing product data. This provides shortened loading times and a faster working search function.
If you want to suppress cookies nonetheless, you will find information about it in the following paragraph.

Prevention and/or control of cookies
Various ways of suppressing, displaying and removing cookies stored on your computer exist. This depends on the browser you are using. In the event that you experience any difficulties, we recommend that you consult the manufacturer's website, which should list the information you require. If you decide that you do not wish for cookies to be stored on your computer, you will, nonetheless, receive access to the majority of our websites. However, you may be unable to use specific functions in some cases.

Third Party Cookies 

The website you are visiting may allow that Third Party cookies are set in services present in it. These cookies are not under our control. Below you can find more information about the use of cookies used by Third Party.

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